transition of care to a nursing home

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Assignment (5–6 pages, not including title and reference page):

Write a paper in which you address the following:

  • Identity your selected example of a transition of care.
  • Describe the key stakeholders that might be involved in this transition of care and the leadership strategies you would use to engage and influence them.
  • Explain how you, as a nurse leader along with your healthcare team, would apply systems thinking when providing a transition of care aligned with the IHI Quadruple Aim framework in order to improve it. Explain the fourth aim and strategy you would use and why.
  • Explain how systems thinking would inform your improvement plan for the specific transition of care you selected.

Be sure your paper includes a title page and a reference page. You should also resubmit your refined Annotated Bibliography.

By Day 7 of Week 5

Submit your paper and your refined annotated bibliography.

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