corporate strategic management

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  • After reviewing this video Porter’s Five Competitive Forces (Links to an external site.) (Video file, 13 min 11 sec), conduct a detailed Five Forces analysis for your assigned company. Your analysis should be thorough, incorporate scholarly research, and cover:
    • Corporate Threats of New Entrants
    • Corporate Threat of Substitutes
    • Supplier Power
    • Buyer Power
    • And, Competitive Rivalry

Illustration of Porter's 5 Forces

Illustration of Porter’s 5 Forces. By Grahams Child [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Your deliverables include:

  1. A 3 page written analysis; APA formatted MS Word document.
  2. Written evaluation for each force highlighted above. Justification should be supported by scholarly evidence (i.e. – peer-reviewed journal articles; 10K report, etc.).

This is an individual, not a team, assignment.

This analysis covers section III of the Final Project.

III. Corporate Level Strategy Analysis

A. Identify corporate level strategy (i.e. related/unrelated diversification, vertical/horizontal integration, etc.)

B. Identify strategic business units/divisions

C. Analyze the relationship among the company’s businesses units/divisions

  1. Do the business units’/divisions’ trade or exchange resources? Why? How?
  2. Or, is the company just running a portfolio of investments? Explain.

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