naked juice strategy for growth

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  • What advantages do you see for Naked Juice in the beverage market, what challenges or problems do you see them having to face? Be specific with your answer and give details to support why you believe your opinion to be valid
  • What is Pepsi’s strategy as it relates to product/market development – how does this acquisition impact current and new markets for the parent company? Detail your examples and explain why you believe Pepsi is using a specific strategy?
  • What environmental factors, as they impact marketing, are affecting the success of Naked Juice?
  • How do you believe Naked Juice is positioning their brand in the beverage market? Is this effective in your opinion and why?
  • What key marketing metrics do you think Pepsi Co. should use to evaluate the performance of Naked Juice? Would these measures be different for Pepsi’s traditional carbonated soft drinks, and if so, how?
  • Looking at Pepsi Co’s Business Portfolio where does Naked Juice fit as it relates to the BCG Matrix analysis approach to products? Based on your answer what does this mean Pepsi should do from a marketing budget perspective for Naked Juice as a product line?

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