digital forensics lab 4

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The attached summary report needs to be filled out along with analysis summaries in table format. The cmit 424 lab 6 procedures give instructions on how to complete the lab.

Also, how to access lab pdf shows how to log into the lab. is the website to access the lab

Will provide username and password to log into umuc.


  1. Incident Investigation Summary Report.
  2. Your report should include high-level analysis summaries in table format for:
    1. network activity (MAC addresses, IP addresses, domain names, etc.)
    2. email and webmail
    3. web browsing history
    4. ownership/registration information for suspicious websites or domain names
    5. names and contents of suspicious files
    6. timeline for Internet and Network Activity

Note: Your “high level summaries” of your analysis results should be *summaries* not a compendium of every piece of information found in the image. Focus on providing data which provides support to your answers to the case questions. Irrelevant information should not be included.

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