article summary 110

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Summary: During this week we are learning about communications. Using either Forbes or Black Enterprise Magazines, you will select and summarize an article regarding communication.

Website: or

After reading the article, you will summarize it by addressing the following questions

  • What is communication? What are the key points/facts presented in the article? (What is the article about and how does it relate to your chapter?)
  • How was this article beneficial to you as an aspiring leader?
  • Explain how the information in the article can inform management and/or organizational behavior. That is, how is the information presented important to an organization?
  • What are the conclusions and recommendations?
  • Critique the article: Is the article useful? Why or how? Is the article well-written and easy to understand? What is your assessment of the article? Would you recommend it to others? Why or why not?

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