do the basic teaching of buddhism impermanence the four noble truths egolessness interdependence emptiness and compassion and practice of meditation need to be changed for the modern world if so how

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This is a short answer I wrote, I need to expand it to 2000 words.

I don’t think it is necessary from the point of view of content. With the rapid development of science and technology today, we are getting more and more material improvement and satisfaction. By contrast, material satisfaction leads to spiritual emptiness. And what the basic teaching of Buddhism brings to us is the enrichment and improvement of the spiritual level, the level of consciousness. Buddhism does not set matter against the spirit, nor does it believe that the material basis determines the spiritual world. Because of the richer the material, the less happy the mind. Since ancient times, the teachings and thoughts of Buddhism have remained unchanged. Therefore, it is not backward to learn Buddhist culture and thought in modern life. What needs to change is the way it is transmitted, and in modern life, Buddhism can be spread around the world using the Internet.

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