only one slide need to check out

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I uploaded the PowerPoint, please, choose only one slide to check out. I also uploaded the “STRATEGIC MARKETING PROJECT (Part 1 & 2) Final draft,” which is the only place to find the information to add into the slide. Do not take any information outside this final draft paper. The maximum time for the presentation is 12 minutes, but the team have 6 students. That means we only have 2 minutes for each student. I cannot go over 2 minutes. I also uploaded the rubric for you to see the way that should be done. So, the slide should be in bullet points. Don’t add too much bullet point because I only have 2 minutes to present it via PowerPoint voice recording. I am not supposed to read the slide. In this case after adding the slide, please type the information that I am going to read in another slide or in a word document. The one that you’re going to put in another slide or in the word doc, please make sure they are not too much in order for me to be able to read it in 2 minutes or in less than two minutes.

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