just do the instructions report audience analysis research

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please check the attached file, Just do the instructions report Audience analysis and choose one topic from mechanical engineering instructions and follow the below instructions.

Required Length

800 to 900 words


The report must include the following research items:

  • At least one (1) research source found in a Bierce Library database (e.g., Academic Search Complete, Newspaper Source, LexisNexis Academic, ArticleFirst).
  • The one required research source must be a newspaper, magazine, or journal article.
  • In addition to the one required database research source, you also may use reputable Web site and book sources as well. They must be included in the References section, and paraphrasing their information may work better than quoting it.
  • Parenthetical Citations:
    • 1 source: At least 1 quote or 1 paraphrase.
    • More than 1 source: At least 1 quote and at least 1 paraphrase.
    • Do not use a blended quote in this report.
    • Please note that a quote or paraphrase cannot come from an article’s Abstract. It must come from the article content itself.
  • References section
  • Required: One figure and one table.

Copies of Source Information

Copies of all source information must be submitted electronically with the report in the dropbox. Note that points will be deducted from your Homework competency score if they are not. Only the following materials are needed:

  • The database information page (which includes the title, author(s), dates, doi numbers, issue number, and so forth).
  • The article or book page in which the quote or paraphrase appears; be sure to highlight the quoted or paraphrased sentence(s).
  • Select this link to see an example of source information.
  • Select this link for instructions about how to create and submit copies of your report’s database source information.

Report Format

Follow these guidelines for formatting the report:

  • 12-point Times New Roman
  • Single space within each paragraph
    (Note: MS Word default is 1.15. Change line spacing to 1.0.)
  • Double space between paragraphs
    (Note: MS Word default adds 10 points of space between each line. Set Line spacing at 1.0 or Single and Spacing Before and After at 0. Tap the Enter key twice between paragraphs.)
  • 1″ margins on all sides
  • Page numbers centered on bottom (footer) or upper right corner (header) of each page

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