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4 Short Answers: 60 points (15 points per question): Choose 4 out of the 5 questions to answer. No MORE than 1 double spaced page per question.

Use the readings, lectures, discussions, and screenings to craft your answer. A good answer will include quotations (that are then explained and addressed by you), specific examples (from the readings and/or the media), and clear writing in your own words.

  • What is popular memory, and what is the role of film, television, and new media in the construction of popular memories, especially in constructing the ‘dominant memory’ of the Civil Rights Movement? How do ‘Civil Rights Melodramas’ fit into this ‘dominant memory’? What kind of political work do they do? Please use specific examples from the films we watched in class to construct your answer.
  • Define neoliberalism as an economic, political, and social ideology. What was neoliberalism a response to? Please explain. How is neoliberal ideology portrayed in the film The Help? Please feel free to mention other films to help you answer this question (however, not required).
  • Discuss racial liberalism and liberal anti-racism (two sides of the same coin). How is liberal racial discourse different from radical racial discourse? What are the dangers of liberal forms of anti-racism? How is Malcolm X’s memory revised to fit within a liberal politics and why is this significant? Please use specific examples from the CBS documentary Malcolm X: The Real Story (you can also reference Spike Lee’s Malcolm X, but not required).
  • Discuss the critiques of Stanley Nelson’s film Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution. What is missing from the film, and why is this significant for future activism? In your discussion, please reference specific examples from the documentary. Also, feel free to incorporate a more nuanced assessment of the film, discussing what was also empowering about it (however, not required).
  • How is the memory of Black radical politics portrayed in Marvel’s Black Panther, and why is this significant? Please use specific examples from the readings and film to construct your answer. You will also want to engage with the complexities and contradictions the film raises, discussing what is simultaneously empowering and disempowering about the film.

1 Essay Question: 40 Points: No MORE than 3 double spaced pages.

Using your knowledge from the readings, lectures, screenings and discussions, you will write an essay that constructs an argument by comparing two media examples from the second half of our class to answer the question:

Why is it important to remember Black liberation history?

In your answer, you will want to consider the political uses and misuses of Black liberation memory (either or both the memory of the Civil Rights Movement or more radical, revolutionary Black liberation history, such as the Black Power Movement or more radical figures, like Malcolm X or the more Radical King). You will also want to consider what is at stake in remembering or mis-remembering Black revolutionary politics for present day and future activism. You will want to refer to specific examples from the media you choose and use citations from our readings and lectures that are analyzed and addressed by you in the essay.

Because this is a short essay, you will be graded on:

  • Argumentation: Does your essay clearly and persuasively argue for a specific thesis that is original, clear, and sophisticated? Does your essay illustrate your use of the course content to make your argument (the readings, lectures, class discussions)?
  • Organization: Is your essay organized clearly and persuasively? Are you using topic sentences that draw in your reader and direct the ideas in your paragraph? Are your paragraphs both cohesive and organized in a logical way that supports your argument?
  • Evidence: Does your essay use strong, specific examples and vivid descriptions to help prove your thesis?
  • Language and Mechanics: Does your essay use strong word choices? Is it grammatically correct and exhibit a strong, persuasive style that fits a less formal genre of writing?

Media from second half of our class are:

The Help (Tate Taylor, 2011)

The Butler (Lee Daniels, 2013)

Malcolm X: The Real Story (CBS, 1992)

Malcolm X (Spike Lee, 1992)

Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution (Stanley Nelson, 2015)

Black Panther (Ryan Coogler, 2018)

There are some movies in my google drive.

My google drive ID:

My google drive password: cgec7745

please login in and watch them .

The readings are below(which i upload)

This is my final, please help me write as good as possible.

If you have any question just ask me.

Thank you!

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