write a 1 000 word paper on 1 of the 3 topics below in mla format with in text and end of paper citations 1

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Choose one of the topics and write a 1000-word paper on it. (MLA Format. All in-text and end of paper citations required. This paper will be uploaded on TurnItIn)

1. Explain how social engineering might be used to undermine the security of information systems.

2. “IT professionals are beset by ongoing changes in technology and business practices. Some commentators have suggested that, in order to stay competitive, IT professionals should retool themselves to gain competency in specific in-demand technical skills” (Prabhakar, B., Litecky, C.R. and Arnett, K., Communications of the ACM 48 10 pp91-94 October 2005

Explain the idea of ‘requisite variety’ and how it relates to the categorization of skills and the process of ‘retooling’

3. Investigate an organization that is using or planning to use IT in innovative ways to transform its business processes. Analyze the situation and structure your analysis as follows:

  • The Goal: Explain the organization’s goal(s) and the significance of the IT plan from an overall business perspective
  • Technology: Explain in managerial terms how the underlying technologies work and how they are (or can be) used to achieve the goal
  • Transferability: identify the challenges involved in this plan and possible risks the organization faces (or might have faced) as a result of poor project or resource management

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