reflection paper 471

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student will write a 4-5 page Final Reflection paper in APA format, not including the title and reference page. This is an opportunity to review and integrate the course into your own words, life experiences, and learned knowledge based on the material presented, group discussions, class discussions, class activities, your process, etc.

This is also an opportunity to show how your writing skills improved over the semester with spelling, grammar, transitions to connect sentences and ideas, APA format, correct format of title page including the Running head, page numbers, and correct use of citations.

The three goals for this paper are:

1. To give you an opportunity to reflect on the entire course and synthesize information that gave you a deeper understanding of adolescent development;

2. To identify the main themes of the classroom experience (e.g., lecture, group discussions) and how they relate to your personal experience and impact your thinking, development, and insights;

3. To give you a chance to offer your own thoughts and analysis to what you have learned, read, and experienced.

The specific Rubric attached to this paper is available now. You will need to identify FIVE main themes in this paper that you felt stood out in the course. More in the Rubric.

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