an argumentative and persuasive essay either for or against immigration

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Read Luis Alberto Urrea’s “The Devil’s Highway” and look for recurring patterns that might indicate an important point Urrea makes. Consider your own general observations about the text. Begin to formulate a position.

Prompt: Questions we should ask ourselves is who has the right to pursue happiness? What kind of nation do we want to be? Do we want to be a nation that includes some people while excluding others? Do we want to maintain a hierarchical system that thrives on the exploitation of immigrants? Do we, on the other hand, want to stress the potential value and goodness of all humans emphasizing the commonality of human needs? This commonality being the need for shelter, food, and happiness. Or, do you have a better solution to the immigration problem?

You may want to research issues on immigration that are raised in our readings. Look for connections between articles that will help you argue your position. You should use PCC’s library sources, and most likely these sources should come from the library’s database like Proquest, Gale “Opposing Viewpoints,” or EBSCOHost. Your use of these sources should be consistent with MLA style.

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