hft3444 short assignment

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Please read the attached case study Pacific Rim Case Study.pdf and answer the following 5 questions:

1. Identify the members of the PMS selection team. Who would you involve in the PMS selection process? (Think in terms of different hotel operating departments)

2. What steps do you have to take to select the right PMS for this hotel? In which order? Explain.

3. Prepare the list of PMS functions that reflects needs of the Pacific Rim Hotel. Justify your answer.

4. Identify the evaluation criteria (e.g., price, vendor reputation, etc.) and method (e.g., simple ranking, rating scale, weighted average). Explain why you chose that approach.

5. Identify three (3) PMS systems on the market that may be selected by the hotel. For every alternative provide the name of the software and the website link. Explain how you would choose between these three options.

Each response must be at least 150 words!

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