research and think about the principles and practices of your profession and how they relate to the border as you ve read about it in the devil s highway

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I have related this to business accounting.

Part I: Introduction

  • Briefly provide necessary context. What is The Devil’s Highway? Who wrote this book and what is it about?
  • Explain one or two key principles that are important to your field related to The Devil’s Highway.
  • Main Claim: Make a claim that argues for the relevance of the profession and/or its principle or principles to the US/Mexico border.

Part II: Body

  • Think about how the professional principles and practices you’ve identified relate to aspects of The Devil’s Highway.
  • Break your analysis down into four-six key points (subclaims/body paragraphs) that support the main claim.
    • For each, begin with a subclaim.
      • Example: From a medical perspective, the need for water emerges as a key issue on the US/Mexico border.
    • For Evidence
      • Identify at least one passage or element from the book that you will analyze.
      • Refer to your own experience or knowledge, if relevant.
      • Conduct additional research so that you are using at least three credible outside sources in the whole essay.
    • For Explanation
      • Explain the passage or other evidence as it relates to the point being made in the body paragraph.
    • Remember to begin and end paragraphs with your own thoughts and words, not quotations or paraphrases.
    • Relate body paragraphs back to the main claim to keep the reader focused on your primary point.

Part III: Conclusion

  • Reflect on what you’d like to continue researching and thinking about for Essay Four.

Must have three credible sources.

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