6 pages of reading to answer 2 questions

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(looks big questions but he is just telling you how to do them)

2 page paper minimum answering the following questions from the Electro Logic case in chapter 6


Complete Set of Questions (Revised and Unrevised)

To help you focus on the right issues in the Electro Logic case, I have revised question #1 by simply removing the reference to the behavioral guidelines.

The new question is provided below:

1. Using Figure 6.5 as a diagnostic aid, what are the strengths and weaknesses of Electro Logic from a motivational perspective?

2. Same as book. The best way to organize your analysis is by discussing the strengths and weaknesses in terms of Figure 6.5. Specifically, discuss issues of motivation in jobs at Electro Logic in terms of the following:

•the motivation-to-performance link

•the performance-to-outcomes link

•the outcomes-to-satisfaction link

The links are the boxes in the middle of the model. In each of those links, you have the different elements of the model that you can discuss. You should discuss any problems you see in the motivation-to-performance link by mentioning issues relating to goal setting and ability. You should discuss any problems you see in the performance-to-outcomes link by mentioning issues relating to reinforcement concepts like discipline and rewards as well as issues relating to concepts like intrinsic motivation. You should discuss problems with the outcomes-to-satisfaction link by mentioning issues relating to equity, salient rewards, and timeliness of rewards.

Please note that you do not need to find a strength for each area of the model. It may be that you find few motivational strengths in the jobs at Electro Logic. There will definitely be many, many more weaknesses than strengths in this case.

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