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The World Health Organization (WHO) delivers valuable healthcare services around the world. It also creates and directs healthcare policy especially for countries that lack many basic healthcare services. WHO employs an evidence-based policy-making process to establish and implement healthcare policy.

Click on the following link http://www.who.int/evidence/sure/policybriefs/en/.

This will take you to the page with many different WHO policy briefs. Select one of these briefs to summarize. Make sure you choose a policy brief that is detailed enough for you to answer the questions below. Following what we have learned about writing and interpreting policy, break down the information and explain the topic of the policy and the overall recommendation.

Does the policy brief contain all the essential elements? List and describe each one.

Do you agree with the recommendation put forth? Why or why not?

Would you change anything in the brief? What suggestions if any do you have to improve the policy brief?

Your paper should be five to seven double-spaced APA pages, (excluding, cover, abstract, and references). Your paper must critically analyze the policy related to the selected topic. Please be sure to cite all references using APA format to avoid plagiarism. The paper must be submitted in APA format. Please contact the Student Success Center for complimentary assistance with APA formatting and writing assistance.


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