Presentation of Healthcare Data

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Scenario:  You are the CEO of Peace & Prosperity Hospital. As part of your duties, you are tasked to give a brief annual report to hospital administrators and managers. Your report focuses on cost, inpatient census, and patient satisfaction. You will create a brief PowerPoint presentation (no more than 10 slides) to illustrate the data for each topic. Data can be found in the file attached below titled “Team Project Data”. Use this data to create appropriate graphs to be inserted into the PowerPoint presentation.  

 Slides #7-8: These slides should focus on patient satisfaction. Create and present a chart to show patient satisfaction per department. Describe your findings. What are your goals for the future?

Hint: To add “Target Profit” as a line graph to the column graph for “Actual Profit”,  you must first graph both data sets in one column graph.  Then select the data series for “Target Profit” (click on the columns so that all columns for “target profit” are selected) and change the chart type to “line graph”. As long as only the data set for “Target Profit” is selected, the other data set will not change.

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