CIS 539 week8 discussions

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Week8 Discussion1

“Governing the Cloud” Please respond to the following:


· From the first e-Activity, discuss the key governance factors that organizations must instill before, during, and after a cloud migration. 

· From the second e-Activity, select a company that was found to have its security compromised. Provide one example where the cloud provider was or could have been found liable based on the laws and requirements that you researched. 

Week8 Discussion2

“Evaluating the Cloud” Please respond to the following:


· Imagine that you are the CIO of an organization that has 50 servers across three campuses and a distributed mobile sales workforce of 200 employees and 500 contractors. Determine the economic benefits, in financial terms, of migrating to a cloud-based solution. 

· With consideration of Moore’s Law, predict how economic factors will position cloud computing in the next 10 years. Determine if the cloud will move to the “stars” or if the cloud will be brought back to organizations’ data centers. 

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