Problem-solving is arguably one of the most applicable lessons to take away from critical thinking.

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Problem-solving is arguably one of the most applicable lessons to take away from critical thinking. As we navigate the world, we are bound to run into problems at a small and large scale that need to be solved in order for us to achieve success. With this in mind, we will be turning our attention to the topic of social media which is now a very important facet of American society.
Because the prompt is asking you to take the role of a college president, you are asked to write from a first-person point of view.
Nicholas Carr, author of the article Is Google Making Us Stupid? captures the double-bind that is associated with recent technological advancements. While the positive impacts cannot be ignored, there are, undoubtedly, consequences that appear in the form of harmful habits. Is it possible to reconcile this tension and come to a middle ground when using technology in an academic setting?
Task: Imagine that you are the president of your college and that you want students to use the full power of the Internet in their education but you also wish them to develop their abilities to think deeply, concentrate, and contemplate.
Use the problem-solving method in this chapter to consider the dilemma. Then, write an essay in which you analyze this problem and develop some practical solutions for dealing with this challenge. There should be plenty of quoted or paraphrased evidence in the body paragraphs from at least two sources which necessitate a works cited page.
For this essay, you are pretending to be a college president who is speaking to a committee of colleagues
within the college. If itd help, you can imagine that you are, specifically, president of ECC, although you can choose another real or imaginary school as well. Usually, committees involving the president are very large; there are a number of people in administrative as well as teaching positions who will attend. With this in mind, its important to note that your audience is both very intelligent, very diverse and, quite possibly, not very patient. You should be able to articulate your ideas clearly to people who admire and hate you. How will you get through to as many audience members as possible while maintaining a professional and academic tone?
A Works Cited page is needed

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