Health-Related Website Credibility Analysis Assignment The information superhighway has expanded the

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Health-Related Website Credibility Analysis Assignment
The information superhighway has expanded the ability of patients to access a wide variety of information, including healthcare related information. The quality and reliability of the information can vary greatly from one site to another. For this assignment, the student will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of a healthcare-related website that a patient may use for information. The website may be sponsored by the government, an agency, a professional association, or a health-related company or the website may be a private or consumer information website. Avoid commercial websites. This assignment is due as noted on the course calendar.
Steps for evaluation:
1. Chose an appropriate healthcare related website that a patient may go to for information.
(examples: or just google any health condition or procedure to find healthcare related websites to consider)
2. Copy and paste the Health-Related Website Evaluation Form (on following pages) into a word document. Complete this evaluation tool. Calculate the percentage to determine the score rating of the website. Check your math so points wont be deducted.
3. Write a narrative analysis of the website explaining the evaluation tool sections using the following 11 topics as subheadings:
a. Introduction to website
b. Content
c. Accuracy
d. Author
e. Currency
f. Audience
g. Navigation
h. External Links
i. Structure
j. Summary of website rating
k. Describe whether you would recommend this to a client and why
4. The written paper should be in APA format with a title page and reference page. The narrative analysis should be no more than five pages, double-spaced, using a font with 12 point size. Any details on the evaluation tool (ie., HON) can be researched and referenced in the reference listing. Dont forget to include the website you are evaluating as a resource in your reference listing.
The final paper will include the title page, completed website evaluation tool, narrative content, and reference page.

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