Instruction for writer: Given the research focus attached my supervisor write the bellow feedback 1.

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Instruction for writer:
Given the research focus attached my supervisor write the bellow feedback
1. Your literature on organisational learning needs enhancing. You are clearly approaching this from a functionalist paradigm which is not of doctoral standard. For example on p.197 you claim the organization learned which is a form of reification. Below are the legitimising and ceremonial citations that are required of a piece of doctoral work that seeks to analyse organisational learning: Fiol and Lyles 1985; Brown and Duguid 1991; Weick 1991; Cook and Yannow 1993; Dodgson 1993; Kim 1993; Price 1995; Miner and Mezias 1996; Weick and Wesley 1996; Easterby-Smith 1997; Tsang 1997; Klimeki and Lassleben 1998; Crossan et al. 1999a; Crossan et al. 1999b; Easterby-Smith and Araujo 2001; Lhteenmki et al. 2001; Williams 2001 If you want an understanding of how organisation and learning are linked, this is actually covered in C. J. PhD thesis (attached). Your approach assumes anthropomorphism, rather than viewing an organisation as a network of promises. The work on social construction cited above will also help you in this capacity. You need to write the thesis from the perspective of a doctoral researcher, not a functionalist.
More explanation for supervisor notes:
You need to consider Two aspects, first put the theory into context that is already mentioned in your text, second the context is range of ideas, you need to demonstrate the good repost knowledge of these range of ideas in order to justify the choice idea you use. you need to demonstrate a deep understating of organization learning literature because you analyse the organization. Depth reflection of ideas before specific choice of them. Please do not set their theories in context you develop, read the ideas and choose then emerge your context. You should clearly demonstrate How choice you made fit within broad range of organization learning theory in specific aspect which chosen because your context study the empirical research you do. You need to show you know org learning literature and you make systematic choice because the context of empirical research you do. Have idea is enough you have to justify including ideas and why selected and you need to do. Combined you with much more sophisticated to what you write, I need to show familiarities of established literature. and how to add to them Important instruction Attached is part of C. J. PHD, please read and write critical accordingly. His structure is good, but we can not copy his structure. Please focus in how individual and group learning are generating organization learning given that current thesis is adopting interpretative methodology so you are critical subjectivism and you reflect in what you see or learn. For your information, The data in the research is collected through learning journal and it is generating lesson learns and reflect accordingly on policy practice, people action, challenge and soo on The current thesis adopted on theory in use , and single and double loop learning. Supervisor need to know more about organization learning in literature and which ideas this research adopted. Make sure that it is not learning organization but organization leaning. Reference in text should be automated by using word citation and the style will be APA.

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