1. Consider the industry, job titles, and job listings that you explored in the Part 1 assignment.(

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1. Consider the industry, job titles, and job listings that you explored in the Part 1 assignment.( Career listed in part 1 is management. Job titles and listed I explored were: Branch manager, Strategic planner and entrepreneurship. You can find the industry under the links above the title)
2. List exactly five “Strengths” that you think will help you succeed along this career path. Provide a little detail for each. Try to think of things that will make you stand out against the competition. These may include:
1. Personal traits
2. Job skills
3. Interests
4. Experience
3.Now list exactly five “Weaknesses” that you think may hinder your success along this career path. These may include:
1. Lack of specific experience
2. Lack of specific job skills
3. Personal traits (that could use a little work?)
4. Now list exactly two “Opportunities” that you think exist in this particular career path. Remember, Opportunities are external, so you’ll be looking for things like increasing demand for this type of work, technology changes, job market changes, etc… youll need to do some research for this one.
5. Now list exactly two “Threats” that you think exist in this particular career path. Again, Threats are external and typically include things like competition, changes in the job market, changes in legislation, etc…refer to the six elements of the macroenvironment in Chapter 5 for ideas about where to look for Opportunities and Threats.
Here’s Some tips for researching Opportunities & Threats.
Use the database resources through the PSU library website.
Use the Occupational Outlook Handbook that the US government publishes with data about different occupations and industries.
Maybe check linked for people who currently hold the jobs you are interested in. What skills do they bring that will be hard for you to compete with?
………………………………………………………….. This is some of the over view of what I did for part 1( so you can look at that and continue with part two . Only two pages for this order for part 2)
Management is a great way to make money and do something you love. Being rewarding, management is a career that provides many people the challenge they are looking for. Some people already have management skills; there are great training programs that are available through schools, and many companies. Programs that gives you the training you need in order to become a great manager. It can be a great opportunity for those looking for a career in business and want it to be profitable. I love taking charge and having many responsibilities. Therefore, business management is a great fit for me.
I already work well with people, and I know I have a good personality type for this particular career path. Being able to multi-task is crucial to careers in management. I need the ability to work well with others and be able to manage many tasks at one time. These are some ideal job titlesand postings which inspires me: Branch manager, Strategic planner and entrepreneurship are relate to management.
Branch Manager
Strategic Planner
https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=783fe272a33f9cf3 HYPERLINK “https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=783fe272a33f9cf3&from=tp-serp&tk=1c436s2df18gq7kf”& HYPERLINK “https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=783fe272a33f9cf3&from=tp-serp&tk=1c436s2df18gq7kf”from=tp-serp HYPERLINK “https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=783fe272a33f9cf3&from=tp-serp&tk=1c436s2df18gq7kf”& HYPERLINK “https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=783fe272a33f9cf3&from=tp-serp&tk=1c436s2df18gq7kf”tk=1c436s2df18gq7kf

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