Please read what is required this is a Presentation there is more than just a paper Read: How I Lear

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Please read what is required this is a Presentation there is more than just a paper
Read: How I Learned to Drive
Throughout your time in this course we have read various plays and watched their film adaptations. Now it is your time to create! Select a play that we have read in class and stage a performance of it. Use the steps below to help guide you in this process:
1.In what time period is the performance being staged? (you CAN stage a performance in the past!)
2.Are you going to stage the play within its own time period or modernize it?
3.What does your casting call look like?
4.Are you going to make any changes to the plot?
5.How are you going to depict the themes?
6.What kinds of props, costumes, and sets are going to be used?
7.Are you going to include music?
8.Is there audience participation/breaking of the fourth wall?
You have complete control over how you want to present your performance. In the past, students have used a PowerPoint presentation, created a handout packet with sketches and outline, or even staged a scene in class. Remember this is worth 20% of your grade so be sure that your presentation is in-depth and answers the questions above. While your focus is on the presentation, you must turn in a 1-2 page informal paper. The informal paper should describe your performance and explain why you made the decisions you did.
You “presentation” should consist of a powerpoint, video, or other visual in addition to a brief paper that includes the answers to the questions above. Your presentation should be accompanied by lecture notes. Every student MUST review every presentation and make comments. Remember to keep the comments respectful, constructive, and insightful. In addition, every student is required to ask one question for each presentation.

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