Has traditional science served the world of management practice well? Is a different philosophy nece

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Has traditional science served the world of management practice well? Is a different philosophy necessary for the science of business? Is there more than one approach to scientific research?
The literature this week enables you to understand the philosophical underpinning of action research and learn to talk and write about it theoretically. The readings this week do not provide a single philosophy of action research. You will need to form your own judgement as to how you frame the philosophy.
Given this weeks required readings and your further research, complete a 850-1,000 word Literature Synthesis
Critically evaluates key arguments from both a scholarly and a practitioner-oriented point of view;
Critiques underlying assumptions evident in the articles and identifies any new insights for practice and scholarship;
Extends the thinking and application of your review with additional resources and experiential analyses.
Your Literature Synthesis will be brought to the Learning Set for further consideration to inform the problematising of the workplace-based problem you have chosen for this modules CAL Project. Regarding the key issues that would be discussed as part of your analysis, their importance and relevance to your understanding of action research, the value that it can bring to your practice, but also initial challenges associated with it that need to be considered in detail.
what kind of controversies were identified at early stages of your research? In which way those controversies need to be considered as part of your own understanding of the action research process? These are some questions that you need to consider to help you developing critical arguments. supported by research findings, and there was no clear interpretation on how identified issues could be used as part of your practice. what are the main implications for a scholar-practitioner? You indicated that action research is an integral part to the solution of several organisational problems, but you did not offer sufficient discussions that helped you clarifying this point, and why action research appears to be the way forward for organisations. The conclusions should offer views that look at the main learning outcomes, the key issues identified and that can impact on your practice, and in which way your learning process aligns with the concept of action and research in action, Please add introduction, heading, subheading, and Conclusion. Citation and References year 2000 and up. Analyse the dynamics of action research Assess learning-in-action Evaluate meta cognitive skills associated with action research

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