Data Modeling

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Objectives: Understand and perform the techniques for entity discovery (see Pine Valley Furniture case on page 292/282 for an example). Note the Process Modeling Requirements from next milestone Chapter 7: Milestone 6 Define each entity with respect to the business and complete an entity_definition_matrix.doc (see table 8-3 for an example) Perform the necessary data modeling techniques to organize and document the data requirements for the proposed system. Use Petrie Electronic Structuring System Requirements to develop Conceptual Data Modeling for Petrie Electronic Database (pages 307-309) to construct the Context, Key-Based, and Fully Attributed data models (see CompleteDatamodelforSoundStageProject.pdf  for an example). Define all your entities, attributes, and relationships in the VA repository.  

Hints: You need to define each entity with all its attributes and at least one primary key. Then you need to define the relationships. The foreign keys can only be defined after all primary keys for the entities involve in a relation are defined first. You need to create your data model in the same project that you will have your remaining models. All your process models, data models, objects models need to be in the same project.

You need to turn in your context, key-based, and fully attributed data models. Also, you need to define all entities, attributes, and relationships in the VA repository and turn in a report from the repository that shows they are all completely defined.  That means you will need to submit three diagrams for your data models along with the repository definitions for all your entities, attributes, and relationships.

To include the diagram in the word file, you need to go to the EDIT, and Select all, Copy and save the diagram as a .jpg file and then include the image file in your Word file. You can do so by opening the diagram, and then go to edit menu, select all and then select “copy to” in the save as screen give the file a name and save it as a jpg file. Then open a word file and copy and paste the image in your word file.

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