Risk Management Plan Project with Text References APA Format

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     Project Part 1 Task 1: Risk Management Plan  For this Project, you must create an initial draft of the final risk management plan. To do so, you must: Develop and provide an introduction to the plan by explaining its purpose and importance.  Create an outline for the completed risk management plan.  Define the scope and boundaries of the plan.  Research and summarize compliance laws and regulations that pertain to the organization.  Identify the key roles and responsibilities of individuals and departments within the organization as they pertain to risk management.  Develop a proposed schedule for the risk management planning process. Create a professional report detailing the information above as an initial draft of the risk management plan.  Write an initial draft of the risk management plan as detailed in the instructions above. Your plan should be made using a standard word processor format compatible with Microsoft Word. 
Format: Microsoft Word  Font:      Arial, 10-point, double-space No Plagiarism 

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