Need Response For Below Discussion2 (Black Berry Failure) 300 Words

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The importance of change and information system is very important these days in any organization. Its not like old days where you target limited audience and would have successful business, but now with increase Internet and large audience base we need to keep updating it as per the feedbacks you get. Nor only change but its necessary to focus on your consumers and not just your organizations. Lets see some reasons why blackberry failed who once a global leader of smart phones which introduced the concept of smart phones and BB messaging services and what could they might have done at that time to save themselves. This shows poor consumer feed back and use of Information technology.

  Innovation:-      Innovation is the key to change. I feel when apple and Samsung were      working on innovating new ideas like there IOS and android software      blackberry never allowed innovating its software also was becoming less      efficient in Apps as they never opened there IOS for app developers. Also when      apple and Samsung were trying touch screen options blackberry was still      stuck on qwerty key pads. Consumers need change you cant feel like using      an old phone all the time. All consumers like to update it and if you      don’t you loose your customer base. Cost      of cell phones:- I felt like blackberry phones were much more costly and      less innovative. In my personal experience I would have preferred an      android phone instead of a blackberry phone for the same price as I would      be able to use more apps and features a android cell phone would provide      instead of blackberry os would. Also blackberry was made for more office      going audience then college going students and other audiences which made      it sales to limited audience. Everyone liked a trendy cell phone at that      era and if blackberry would have made some more features to there phones      it could have targeted a large audience. Consumer      centric:- I felt like blackberry was less consumer centric and more      towards it personal organizational growth. The growth of an organization      depends on happy customers. And for happy customers you need to focus on      them, take there feedbacks and change accordingly. Using slow and old      processors, same old qwerty keypad type of phones was like all the phones      looked and functioned same. Though they had different models but those      models had no changes. This was the major loss of blackberry. By not      thinking of your customers the company makes a big mistake which proves      that organization just thinks off themselves and spreads negative publicity.


The era when blackberry phones came in was an era where lot of innovations came in and all the companies were competing to get the higher market share of the customer base. Internet really came to life in that era as even common man could use it and also research what features and betterment in phones like their software, processors, storage facility and price and also other customers reviews. And it was very clear that with negative reviews the company will loose business. And exactly this is what happened with blackberry. People felt they were using old technology and the more price and started giving negative reviews about the phones. Also I would add by saying when iphone came out in market people were amazed seeing what an actual smart phone can do and also how simple there use was people started getting diverted towards it. Also there is a popular saying if you see someone using a better cell phones then you are going to upgrade yours. This is all because of information technology.

I have a feeling if blackberry had used IT and research properly by approaching people what they need in a smart phone and improved themselves then there would have been less chances of failing. They would have taken some time out apart from just focusing on celling phones in doing proper smart phone research. We should always learn from mistakes and I hope blackberry might have learned from theres to. As atleast Nokia did and started using its IT and research in direction of what consumers needed and remodeled there phone after taking couple of years of break. i would also like to add that they had the best messaging app in the world they could have allowed there loyal customers to atleast use that in other operating systems but they didnt do that and kept it for there own operating system. This could have saved them and given them time to think of new innovation. but as i said previously the entire organization never focused on its customers and just thought of themselves.


I would say blackberry didn’t fail, its just they didn’t innovate with time of new smart phones in market. 




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