pols3001 stata descriptive statistics

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GUIDELINES:Please complete the following exercises. For any questions that require you to work out a problem, please show your work. If a question requires STATA analysis, please ensure that your print-screen the results in. Copy and paste can cause you more work as you will need to format the pasted data.

Please note, you will not receive credit if you do not show your work on problem exercises. If you want to type it out, that is just fine. Alternatively, you can do it by hand, snap a photo, and paste into the document (just make sure it is clear). It is up to you.

As usual, this assignment is due by Sunday at 11:59 pm MST.

Assume all data provided are populations, not samples.

QUESTION: Download this file and paste into STATA. Using the descriptive statistics in chapter 3 and 4 of Galderisi, and your newfound knowledge of STATA, please describe the make-up of the sample. You must paste in your STATA output, including which function was run to arrive at your results.

By “describe the make-up” I mean use the appropriate descriptive statistics to tell me about at least three variables. Do not forget about the level of measurement.


ID- Unique ID for each respondent

Gender- Respondent Gender

Age – Respondent Age

State – Respondent state

Census Region- Where the respondent is per the census region classification

2004 Voter- Voted in the 2004 election (1=yes, 2=no)

Better- “Has the country made progress (1), gotten worse (3), or stayed the same (2)

Better Forward – Forward looking assessment of Better (see above)

Better_Cs – The change between the current and forward looking assessment of better

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