what is the me too movement women and gender studies

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You do not need to follow any particular documentation style as long as you are consistent and follow these guidelines: parenthetical, in-text citations; a title but no title page, typed; double-spaced lines; 12-point Times New Roman font; one-inch margins; pages numbered. 3. No “Works Cited” or “References” page is required. Please cite direct quotes within the papers (example: (Video: “The Pill”). Several citations are encouraged. 4. Papers should be a full 2 pages double spaced. Please answer the questions relative to the readings/videos/lectures


What is the #MeToo movement? How did it start? Why are the women in the article called “Silence Breakers”? What examples do the women use to illustrate their point? Give at least two examples. (Module 11) **Be sure to use the source assigned (readings/videos/other), which are attached below!!Then use the questions as a basic outline for writing your 2-page paper.



Please incorporate these two links and the document below and cite properly.

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