Find a “true crime” television show (Forensic Files, Snapped, 48 Hours, etc.) about a crime that you think can be described by rational choice theory. Note–it must be a true crime, you may not use fictional television (CSI, Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, etc.).

Provide the citation for the episode, in APA format, at the top of your post.

In 150 words, describe the crime(s) that was/were committed, citing the show.
Give a 150 word explanation of Rational Choice Theory, citing the readings.
Give a 150 word application of Rational Choice Theory explaining the perpetrator’s actions in this case.
Finally, end by stating if there is anything about the perpetrator’s actions that you think can *not* be explained by Rational Choice Theory.

Your response will be graded on how well it addresses each of the above questions/points, its demonstration of your familiarity with the readings through the information and citations provided, and the quality of your writing.

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