capstone three management

Module 3 – Case


Case Assignment

Signature Case Assignment–Emphasized Level–Information Literacy

For each Signature Case question below, select three articles (published within the past five years), each from different peer-reviewed academic journals/magazines. [Utilize the above publications or other peer-reviewed academic journal/magazine publications you find through the Trident Online Library.] Find articles that specifically address the following questions regarding the impact of downsizing on the organization and its employees:

  1. Why do firms downsize?
  2. What are the consequences to a community when a firm downsizes?
  3. Evaluate one example of an employer where downsizing was necessary and what its impact was on employees and business.

In your 5-page submission (not counting the cover page), briefly address the three questions about downsizing, then (in the same document) create a bibliography of the nine peer-reviewed academic journal articles that includes a reference followed by not less than a half page paragraph describing the article in your own words, repeating the process until all nine references are inserted and discussed.

Questions to address in your paragraphs include:

  1. The main concept of this article is….
  2. The article is important and adds to the current research literature on the concept because…
  3. The article is valid for research on this topic because…
  4. An area that will continue to add to the researchers’ work is…
  5. I found the ______________ section of this article to be extremely interesting and would recommend this article to others researching in the HR/OB disciplines.

No reference page is needed for this assignment because the references are a part of the Bibliography. Please read the Emphasized Grading Rubric for Information Literacy before submitting your paper. Submit the assignment by inserting it into the appropriate drop box by the due date and time.

Assignment Expectations

Information Literacy Assessed

In MGT301 (Principles of Management) information literacy was assessed at the “introduced level.” At the “reinforced level”, the MGT411 Case 1 took information literacy a step further by closely examining the sources utilized. Now, at the “emphasized” level, in this Case 3, you will find, select, and incorporate the most effective sources of information, giving special attention to the quality of sources utilized.

The skills needed in these assignments build upon each other and aim to offer you the opportunity to enhance and practice your information literacy skills.

The grading rubric for information literacy at the undergraduate level has been developed to measure student success in meeting the MGT491 Case 3 expectations related to information literacy.

Your assignment submission should be 5 pages, and will be assessed on:

  • Determine the extent of information needed
  • Access the needed information
  • Evaluate information and its sources critically
  • Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose
  • Access and use information ethically and legally
  • Timeliness

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