identified engagement challenge

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Part 2.Literature

In 2- 3 pages you will conduct a research literature review by reading and taking notes on at least 6 professional journal articles and/or books published within the last ten years that address the identified engagement challenge.

In this section you must demonstrate your understanding of the organizational challenge and how the literature reviewed can address the challenge(s) through such areas as leadership, process, programs and technology. When conducting your review, you may want to consider searching industry specific articles, articles on the antecedents and drivers of employee engagement and related employee engagement terms such as (but not limited to) employee satisfaction, employee retention, personal engagement, organizational climate and organizational culture.

Based on my understanding of the case to date, as the consultant, The engagement challenge I identified that the organization had to be prepared to scale up even faster and moving into a growth phase. And the strategy they used is non-financial incentives and organization culture enhancement which may not suit for the larger scale. Therefore, the challenge is how to adjust the strategy to adopt the current situation and scaling up employee engagement. As Chandrasekhar, R.(2018) said, “The mineral industry was heading into an upturn, mining companies were moving into a growth phase, and employers were competing for mining talent from a seemingly limited pool”. It appears that non-financial incentives may can’t keep or appeal to employees.

reference: Chandrasekhar, R. (2018). Orix geoscience: scaling up employee engagement. W18688.Ontario, Canada: Ivey Publishing.

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