survey sampling term project

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You are asked to illustrate the ideas in the paper using the NHANES data set posted with

the term project. You are asked to analyze this data set using traditional methods of analysis and

using sample survey methods. The following variables are to be used:

Weight (bmxwt)

Body Mass Index (bmxbmi)

Waist circumference (bmxwaist)

Thigh circumference (bmxthicr)

In this data analysis, proceed as follows:

1. Analyze the whole data set treating it as the population.

2.Take a 10% stratified sample, stratifying on age and repeat the analysis, using both the

traditional survey sampling methods and the model based methods. For the strata, use as

an age cutoff 0-14, 15-35, 36+; use equal allocation and optimal allocation minimizing


You need to use R to analyze the data. The format of the project needs to be:

1. Analysis of NHANES data

2. Summary

The project should no longer than two pages. I also need the R code from you.

Attached are the instruction of the project, and the NHANES data you need to use. You only need to do the part 2 mentioned in the instruction. Please let me know if you have questions.

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