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Summarise a text you have read/a TV programme you have watched. What were the most important points? Record your reactions to articles you have read – do you agree with the ideas/opinions expressed? Can you make connections between different writers? Record new vocabulary/phrases/language structures that you come across. How can you use this in future? Reflect on what you have learnt in your lessons today and record any questions you have and actions you need to take as a result. Reflect on academic skills you need to improve. How will you do this? Reflect on areas of language use you need to improve. How will you do this? Create an action plan with specific goals to help you improve your assignment marks. Check that your action plan is realistic. Reflect on your reactions to your lessons – what do you enjoy most? Think about your learning style. Reflect on how you have used your English language skills outside of the classroom environment. Reflect on the skills you are learning in ESUS and how they relate to activities you complete in your academic subjects. Have you improved your skills since the beginning of the course? Reflect on what you are learning in your academic subject modules and how that relates to the work you are doing in ESUS. Reflect on your participation in class activities. How confident are you in your participation? Reflect on your participation in university life. Have you joined any clubs/societies? Reflect on your time management skills. Do you use your time efficiently? Do you always hand your work in on time?


Word count: 800-1000 words

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