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For this Assignment, you will test your understanding of fallacies by creating an argument with fallacies in it, then identifying the fallacies and explaining how they operate.

The paper will be at least 4 pages total and contain both Part I and II in a single document. Please label Part I and II so it is possible to easily identify each part of the project.

Part I: Compose a 1-page argument that is purposefully flawed. Employ at least four logical fallacies in the argument. The argument can be from your field of study or your daily life. If you cannot think of an argument in these areas, you could write as a child trying to convince a parent of something, or an interviewee trying to get a job.

Part II: In 2–3 pages, analyze the argument you just created. Identify and label the logical fallacies being used in the argument. Why were these tactics used by the person making the argument? How could the person constructing this argument avoid making those mistakes in argumentation? What would have strengthened each of the claims?

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