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EvEverything we find beautiful is not necessarily art nor is all art necessarily beautiful. True or False? 

7.    What is Folk Art? 

8.   What is Design? 

9.   Name five examples from the design arts? 

10.   What’s included in Fine Art? 

11.   What is ‘ representational’ imagery? 

12.   What does ‘ abstraction’ mean in painting? 

13.   What’s an illustration and what does an Illustrator do? 

14.   What were icons originally and what do they look like? 

15.   What’s most important in Romanticism? 

16.   What was Abstract Expressionism about? 

17.   What was a Happening and how did they start?  

18.   Who was your favorite artist among the first 40 on the website, www.Art21.org/ ?

19.   What kind of art, which you found out about from this course, looks interesting to you?

20.   Complete this saying: ‘_________ is in the Eye of the Beholder’.

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