Recommendations and Strategies for A Small U.S. hotel chain would like to enter into Spain.

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For Johny


Research Project:

You should evaluate potential of investment in a particular project in the designated country. Each project would require country evaluation as well as industry evaluation. Country evaluation should focus on economic, financial and political risk of the country. Industry structure analysis would look at the regulatory structure as well as the competition in the target country. Issues such as corruption, identification of major competitors and overall strategy for entering the country should be discussed. Depending on industry, our branch could be only for local market, to produce products for export (US market), or both. You must define the scenario.


What I want is “The final recommendations for why we have to enter to Spain and what should be strategies.”


Remark: Strategies to deal with current economic crisis of Spain, Financial and Political risks, Current Hotel Chain Competitors, Regulatory Environment, Local financing potential, and Other Issues as mentioned in the descriptions.


Link to Pearson Power Point:


Don’t forget to give citation and references!

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