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Research Paper Instructions

Accessing the Liberty University’sOnline Library, retrieve, download, and read at least 3 sources on one of the following topics. Keep in mind that at least 1 source needs to be from a professional journal and 1 source needs to be from a professional publication such as a textbook.

·         The differences between professional counseling and other mental health professions

·         Professional counseling and social justice

·         Characteristics of the effective counselor

·         Counselor wellness and impairment

·         Professional counselor credentialing

Once the sources and topic are obtained, write a 5–6-page paper, (excluding tile page, abstract, and reference page) that is in current APA format and includes the following:

·         Title Page

·         Abstract

·         Introduction

·         Body

·         Conclusion

·         References

When you have completed your paper, save your paper as a Microsoft Word document, under your name and assignment title (Example: Doe_J_assignment_1). Upload your paper to SafeAssign draft link. Check your SafeAssign report and when your report is less than 25% matching, submit your final copy.


Submit this assignment to the SafeAssign link provided by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 4.


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