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 more compellig my story the better. Need to find a hook, sell myself (the crazier the better, the more outrageous the better) as a product that the network will buy.


Will need to discuss why the network/show buys the types of products (meaning people) they buy so that the result of these products (people) can form the specific kind of reality my show desires/has designed


Have to be specific about episodes, talk about what is going on in the individual episodes you watch/have watched) so that I can better explai, through specific detail, how the show/network has historically defined their actual (real, but mostly fake real) people seen by actual (real, watching what they think is hopefully real, but what they know is probably fake, but in reality the people are actually, like actually real people.) The more specific, the more detailed, the better.

Times new Roman 12 pt font, 1″ margins all around.

Ichose the Bad Girls Club as my reality show to write about.

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