Forensic Psychology


  • Develop an initial mental health postarrest assessment for Doe that includes a line of questioning to determine personality type and suicide risk.
  • Develop an initial investigative postarrest assessment for Doe, focusing on possible motivations for the crime in question.
  • Compare the differences between how law enforcement personnel and a forensic mental health professional would conduct assessment and criminal investigative procedures in the case of Doe.
  • Based on reviewed research, describe 3–4 personality characteristics and motivational dynamics of an individual who is capable of such a crime.
  • Develop an appropriate postconviction treatment for Doe, including specific recommendations for type of treatment (cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and medication) and modality (individual and group) as well as outcome measures, which would evaluate his progress.
  • Describe 2–3 appropriate psychological tests that could be useful in psychological profiling and/or criminal investigation for this case.


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