Module 6

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NOTE: There are two (2) parts to this assignment.






Directions: Submit your responses to the questions below.  Responses to the Short response submissions may not be copied from the text book, the Lecture Notes, or the internet.  The responses need to be in your own words.  Each response should be at least 100 words.



Think about a well-known leader in business.  Here are some examples:




·         Jeff Bezos – Amazon


·         Anne Mulcahy – Xerox


·         Brad Smith – Intuit


·         Howard Schultz – Starbucks


·         Larry Page – Google


·         Tim Cook – Apple


·         Indra Nooyi – PepsiCo


·         Warren Buffett – Berkshire Hathaway


·         Sir Richard Branson – Virgin Group


·         Rupert Murdoch – News Corporation




Keeping one well-known business leader in mind, please answer the questions regarding communication below.  Please note that you may need to conduct some research regarding your leader.  You may utilize LIRN or other sources (note: videos are acceptable).




1.         Describe the difference between communication and effective communication.  How can a sender verify that a communication was effective?  How can a receiver verify that a communication was effective?  What would your business leader say is important about the communication process?  Do you agree?




2.         Which form of interpersonal communication is best for long-term retention?  Why?  Which form is best for getting across subtle nuances of meaning?  Why?




3.         What are the similarities and differences or oral and written communication?  What kinds of situations call for the use of oral methods?  What situations call for written communication?




4.         Describe the individual and organizational barriers to effective communication.  For each barrier, describe one action that a manager could take to reduce the problems caused by that barrier.  How might your business leader overcome these barriers?




5.         What forms of electronic communication do you use regularly?  Does your business leader use social media in his or her business?  If so, please provide examples.  If not, then please describe how social media can help or hurt his or her business.




6.         At what points in the communication process can problems occur?  Give examples of how noise can interfere with the communication process.  What can managers do to reduce problems and noise?  Describe a time when you experienced a problem with a manager communicating with you or a problem that you had as a manager communicating with employees.




7.         How are electronic communication devices (cell phones, e-mail, and websites) affecting the communication process?  Describe both the advantages and the disadvantages of these three devices over traditional communication methods, such as face-to-face conversations, written notes, and phone calls.


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