Second Draft

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My topic is domestic violence .

This week, you will complete the second draft of your course project. The second draft adds the remaining sections of your paper according to the planning you did last week. By the end of the week, you should be getting close to meeting the scope and format guidelines for the completed project.

As a reminder, your final research project will consist of the following sections.


a.Attention-getting hook

b.Topic, purpose, and thesis


d.Relevance to reader

Logically presented, point-by-point argument with evidence (The number of sections may differ by paper, but you should plan to have at least two sections.)

a.Section 1 (2–5 paragraphs)

b.Section 2 (2–5 paragraphs)

c.Section 3 (2–5 paragraphs)

d.Section 4 (2–5 paragraphs)

e.Section 5 (2–5 paragraphs)


Last week, you completed the highlighted sections with your first draft. Use any feedback you received to improve these sections as you add to the new sections. Let’s look at how to develop each of these sections. The second draft, due this week, will complete the remaining sections of the body of the paper.

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