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1. Using the TCP/IP Network Model, describe the operations that occur step by step and layer by layer when passing a datagram through an intermediate node in a switching network.




2.Your cousin has asked you to help her to design a small home network for her own use.

a) What are the important questions that you will need to ask as you start to consider your design?

b) What are the critical components that you will need to specify in your design?


3. Prior to the invention of Ethernet, researchers at the University of Hawaii proposed a broadcast radio network called ALOHANet as a means to provide wireless links between the Hawaiian islands. Each node had a radio transmitter which could be used to send data packets. When two stations attempted to transmit simultaneously, a collision occurred, and like Ethernet, each station would wait a random period of time, then try again.


            Compare ALOHANet with Ethernet. What are the similarities? What are the differences? What are the major factors contributing to the differences? What effects do the differences have upon performance? Under what conditions would you expect ALOHANet to perform satisfactorily? Less satisfactorily?

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