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Please provide 150-200 words for each question.


1.Do you believe if there is the need to buy a system then choosing a vendor that is reputable is essential to ensuring that the system will be up and running properly in a timely manner?


2.In summation, do you believe the size and financial position of the organization determine the path they will take? Explain why or Why not?


3.Build and Buy are appropriate for different organizations for different reasons, depending on the complexity of the user needs, the organization’s culture, skill sets, etc. Good arguments exist in both the “Build” and “Buy” discussions. In my experience, purchasing a commercial software package from a proven vendor, and then configuring and customizing it as necessary, is the best option for most organizations. A commercial software application that truly meets the organization’s needs is usually preferable to a one-off, internally built solution.

Class, what are your thoughts? 


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