topic 4 dq 1 3

Please write a paragraph with your opinion based on the text bellow. Please include citations and references in case you need to used for the question.

To determining if a new procedure is within the scope of nursing practice, the nurse should atke a systematic approach., According to Anderson (2013), First, define the issue, which means clarifying what exactly is being asked and what the new procedure entails. This step also includes gathering any additional information such as conducting a competency assessment to perform the task, as well as any previous experience, current knowledge and skill. Evidence-based practice and nursing research must also support the adoption of any new procedure.

Secondly, since evidence is not the only component, the Nurse Practice Act and the policies of the workplace must also be considered. Nurses may be limited by the facility policies/standards to perform certain tasks even though the tasks are allowed by the BON (Anderson, 2013). Likewise, nurses may not be legally permitted to perform certain tasks that are commonly performed in the facility. These policies can vary within the same state and even within the same facility.

The final step, is decision making, if a procedure within the scope of nursing practice. it must be supported by research or professional organizations. The primary concern always be the patient care and based on improved patient outcomes. To make the procedure outcomes effective training could be required. When it is time to introduce the procedure, “you will need to be prepared to be a leader” (Seagraves,2009)

Feedback from the staff can reduce the possibility of resistance. So it is important to share research findings with the staff.

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