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Hello Dr.O’Neal, and Classmates,

If Congress pass the Trump’s FY 2018-19 proposed budget, the public will encounter several challenges. There are several sectors of the government that the public will be faced with due to budget cuts. This budget would cut $2.4 billion for transportation, and $6 billion for programs for housing. “Still, if the 2019 budget were to pass, it would pose unimaginable hardship for vulnerable families”(Chapp,2018,pg.2) .Research further state that this will result in wholesale cuts to public housing. This fiscal 2018-19 budget proposal will wipe out the public housing capital fund. “This $1.9 billion program provides fund for modernizing and rehabilitating public housing across the country”(Capp,2018,pg.3) Therefore the challenges would be for the public who reside in public housing, having funds cut back therefore displacing many families, along with many senior citizens who are dependent on the aid. Another challenge that the public will have to face involves transportation. There are many who depend upon public transportation as a means for travel. Whether it be to work, or for pleasure, it will put a strain on those who relay on transportation.

It was just during the week of May 23,2018 that Ben Carson, the head of housing and urban development(Trump’s Administration), that released a statement about proposed cuts for public housing. He stated that it is time for those living in public housing ought to start pulling their weight, and get employment. He went further to say, that this administration is cutting aid to housing to force tenants to pull their own weight. Picture the challenge that many families will have to face to make up that difference of funds that will no longer come from the government. Most in these housing are residing there due to their limited resources/finances. Due to the major challenges that face the public, “this moment calls for greater investment in affordable housing, not less, we urge Congress to rise to this moment by rejecting these cuts and investing now before another generation of struggling families are forced to pick between housing and food”(Chapp,2018, pg.6).


Capp, Kriston,(2018). Trump’s Budget Would Hammer Public Housing. Retrieved from

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