web design and development 2

You will be answering a series of questions for Lab Part B.

Please navigate to three different websites.

Choose a .org, .com, and a .gov website for Part B of this lab.

How many clicks does it take to find information you are interested in, or how many are needed to access the website’s core function(s)?

Is there a site map, are there breadcrumbs, or are there other innovative location features?

Do you have to backtrack a lot to get to other areas of interest, or can you can access other areas from deep within one section?

How does the website use interactive elements such as flipbooks or expandable objects to reduce or compress navigation?

How much vertical or horizontal scrolling must visitors do to locate information?

Use illustrations or screen captures as necessary to support your ideas.

complete Part C – Exploring Web Page Color Schemes.

Choose one of the websites you have visited. You will be answering a series of questions for this assignment.

What are the main colors used on the website?

Do the website’s colors match the logo, name, or other identifying symbol of the organization?

Do the colors create an acceptable level of contrast among visual objects?

Do any colors make things hard to read or to view content?

What feelings or sense do the colors used give you?

Is the color scheme consistent throughout the site?

Use illustrations as necessary to support your ideas.

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