cybercrime case study 1

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During the semester, you will select one cybercrime case or event (does not have to be a court case) related to the class. You must use reputable sources. (Hint: BLOGS/WIKIS are NOT reputable sources. News articles from reputable media outlets and court documents are ok to use.) Do not choose a current event/case that have been discussed in class or covered in class material.

You will write a minimum of two pages, 1 page for each section. This DOES NOT include the heading! Anything less than one page of text, in each section, single spaced, will be graded accordingly. If your assignment is not formatted correctly, you will lose points!

Your paper should include a summary and analysis. It should reflect thorough research on the case. You should have AT LEAST 3-5 reputable sources cited in your paper.


  • At least 1 page
  • In your own words!
  • Include in-text citations (APA format) as needed
  • You should not include quotes in a short paper – use your own words!
  • Remember, anything that is not your original idea MUST BE CITED. This will likely be EVERY sentence in your summary.


  • At least 1 page
  • Analyze the case
  • Explain the relevance of the case to cyber security/computer forensics field
  • You should not include quotes in a short paper


  • Include a cover page with the following statement:
    • By submitting this assignment, I certify I have abided by all requirements of the GMU honor code. I certify that this is entirely my own work, no unauthorized sources have been used, and all sources used have been properly cited.
  • Single spaced
  • 12 point font
  • Calibri or Arial
  • 1 inch margins
  • Citations in APA format – both in-text and works cited

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