business ethics 170

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you need to study one organization/company of your own choice (please choose google or starbucks) and do a search pertaining to the topics on the ethical audit list.

1. Write an introduction –

(i) a brief discussion on the background of the company you have selected ;

(ii) a list of major players and changes in the organisation;

(iii) key recent changes (5years) in the industry your chosen company is located for the last 5 years

2. You need to study and discuss the company’s ethical audit in detail

A sample assessment questionnaire for the project follows:

Support by top management

– Has management established an ethical “tone at the top” by setting a good example of ethical conduct, providing positive and open communication, and supporting ethical conduct?

– Is there a designated ethics officer or ethics contact?

– Does the ethics code start with a statement from the CEO/President about his commitment to an ethical culture?

– Does top management positively support the ethics hotline?

Incorporation of ethics at all levels of the organization

– Are supervisors trained as contact points for ethics related questions?

– Is ethics a focus during new employee training?

– Is ethics a focus during supplier selection?

– Is ethics a focus during internal audits?

– Is an ethical culture ingrained in the organization’s brochures, materials, and website?

Components of an Ethics Program

Ethics Code

– Does the organization have a written ethics code?

– Does the ethics code cover key elements, such as conflicts of interest, financial irregularities, and compliance to laws?

– For publicly traded companies, is the ethics code available publicly / on the company’s website

Ethics Training

– Do employees receive ethics training on a regular basis?

– Does ethics training incorporate the company’s ethics code?

Ethics Hotline

– Does the organization have an ethics hotline?

– Is the ethics hotline confidentiality and non-retaliation policy clearly conveyed to employees?

– Does the organization provide ethics hotline information to employees and other shareholders via formats such as postings in break rooms and the company website?

– For publicly traded companies, is the “receipt, retention, and treatment” of ethics hotline reports regarding “questionable accounting or auditing matters” aligned with the Audit Committee

Ethics Awareness

– Is the importance of ethics communicated to all employees on a regular basis via formats such as organization newsletter articles and posters?

– Do the ethics articles cover topics that are interesting, engaging, and in pace with the times?

It is IMto be 10-12 pages

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