discussion post 300 words just don t have time today

After reviewing your reading assignments for Chapters 7 and 8 and the Complaints in the Gignilliat and Parchman Prison cases, please create a new thread and tell us:

1. What is your reaction to the treatment of Raynbow Gignilliat and the inmates at Parchman Prison?

2. Do you think preserving prisoners’ rights acknowledges that they are still members of society merely “paying their debt,” or do you think they should have fewer rights?

3. If we give prisoners fewer rights, would that set them up for disaster when they are released and returned to communities mentally and/or physically damaged from prison?

Please be sure to SUPPORT your answers. Simple “yes” and “no” answers will not get credit. I invite you to do some outside research and use that information in your response. You must cite your sources and meet the minimum word requirement. You are required to demonstrate that you are thinking critically about your answers and opinions. Do not simply state an opinion without elaborating or explaining it with examples, questions that this topic brings up, and any interesting information that you find on the issue.

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